Best Whittling Knives In 2021

The blades are made with high carbon steel and come pre-sharpened so that you can begin whittling as soon as they arrive. The BPS whittling knife has a razor-sharp edge but needs to be sharpened often. The blade alone is 3.7 inches while the total length is 7.1 inches.

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My overall favorite sloyd knives on the market are hands down the Flexcut variants. They are more expensive but have excellent edge retention and feel great in the hands. One of the only things that I wasn’t fond of with the BeaverCraft knives are the blade thicknesses on most of their tools. They are a little thicker than your standard knives like Flexcut, but even then this makes them ideal for beginners as they are less likely to be damaged from misuse. When it comes to the bare basics for what you need for a decent whittling knife, Beavercraft has you covered.

The Best Whittling Knives

I always have my pocket knife on me during outdoor trips, so it’s nice to know that if the opportunity or need arises for some impromptu creativity, I’m covered. I also like that you can switch between the different blade sizes, depending on your need. It’s designed for general woodcarving, green woodworking and for making fine cuts with the thin pointed tip. As with BeaverCraft’s sloyd knife, the blade here is made of tough carbon steel. And this one too is sharpened at the factory, so you can use it straight away. Whittling is a simple hobby that became popular a long time ago and now many people still love whittling.

Best Knife For Whittling

But more experienced whittlers will be better off with a different model. It’s made of fairly flimsy plastic, and it’s a fair bit larger than the knife. You’ll have to wedge it down inside if you want to transport it without it slipping out. Be prepared to do some sharpening when you first receive this one. But for a little effort, you’ll get an excellent knife without spending much money. And there’s a textured handle to help keep a firm grip while you work.

Boker Ts Medium Stockman Pocket Knife

Once you get them unfolded, they lock securely into place and can only be released via a lever on the handle. To find out more about this woodworking tool, please visit the respective Amazon link. I’m not too happy about the sheath, but that’s more of an afterthought when the knife is the real meat and potatoes you’re buying.