Prepare your ducks and geese for all seasons

In many ways, ducks and geese are self-sufficient. As long as your backyard has some food, water and space to waddle around, these hardy birds tend to do well. But we know you want the best for your birds and with that comes a few special considerations from season to season.

Keep Your Backyard Birds Warm In The Winter

Ducks and geese have an extra layer of natural protection to keep them safe in cold and snowy conditions. But there are a few extra things you can do to help ensure their health, warmth and comfort all winter long.

First and foremost, remember that hydration never goes out of season. Your feathered friends always need access to clean drinking water. Keep a hydration station from freezing over in frigid temperatures in a warm shelter or with a heated water bowl. Water is nonnegotiable, as it hydrates, assists with digestion and clears your flock’s sinuses and eyes to keep them healthy.

Although they love to splash around, ducks and geese don’t need swimming water in freezing temperatures. These birds can survive without their splash sessions for a season or two. There are other ways to play!

While your flock won’t mind being outside in the cold, you may need to offer support in case of ice and snow. Protect their webbed feet from the cold ground with straw and block harsh winds with a three-sided shelter. However, too much moisture in the air or footing can chill a shelter, potentially leading to frostbite so make sure it’s well ventilated.

Help Your Birds Beat The Summer Heat

Ducks and geese need extra support when it comes to hydration in the warmer seasons. Sav-A-Chick® Vitamin & Electrolyte Supplement was formulated specifically for these situations. Make sure to provide electrolytes at regular intervals to replenish any fluid loss that might occur during periods of extreme heat.

It may seem obvious, but shade and water will be huge contributors to both the comfort and health for your backyard flock in the summer. Help your birds stay cool with a clean place to splash or swim, a ventilated shelter and consistent access to drinking water.

Pay attention to the coolest points of the day during summer months. Let your ducks and geese dine when it’s not too hot, typically in the morning or evening, so your flock can feed their appetites when it’s most comfortable. Remember that food is energy, which is important no matter the temperature.

Set Your Flock Up For Success Year-Round

Outside of the season-specific duck and goose care considerations, there is one important aspect of flock health that is relevant all year long: nutrition.

Proper nutrition is a key component to the health and happiness of any animal. With a strong foundation of good nutrition, your birds will have the resiliency and energy necessary to tolerate a variety of conditions.

No matter the weather, ducks and geese can benefit from extra hydration. Sav-A-Chick Vitamin & Electrolyte Supplement helps to replenish fluid loss, promotes hydration and provides a boost of energy.

Added immune and digestive support also help to prevent stress responses in the event your flock is faced with any extreme weather conditions. For that extra level of protection, count on Flock GuardTM to supplement gut health.

A flock of has a way of making a homestead feel more like home. Ducks and geese are curious companions and sources of unending entertainment. As long as their needs are met, you are sure to have a long-lasting friendship to look forward to with these feathered friends.

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