Do you want a relationship information, marriage counseling or separation pointers?

Do you want a relationship information, marriage counseling or separation pointers?

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The Jewish Ban on Intermarriage Is Becoming a Curse

The Jewish Ban on Intermarriage Is Becoming a Curse

Intermarriage is one of the most sensitive topics for Jews and Arabs residing in this land. This short article, written by Gershom Schocken, has been republished in light associated with the Education Ministry’s decision to ban a book about a love affair that is arab-jewish.

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The major reason the rabbis oppose encounters between Jewish and Arab youths is that such meetings could trigger intermarriage. Even provide the chance that is small this might be the outcome of such interactions, there’s no denying that the rabbis have actually touched for a most delicate problems for Jews and Arabs residing together in this land.

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By banning guide, Israel maintains purity of bloodstream

Ezra the Scribe could be the one who banned intermarriage between the Jews who had came back from Babylon towards the Land of Israel plus the other nations currently residing here. He not merely declared this prohibition but also forcibly broke up numerous mixed marriages he returned to Jerusalem from Persia that he discovered when. They certainly were mainly between priests and members of distinguished families.

Another legacy of the period of Ezra and Nehemiah ended up being the choice to forfeit sovereignty that is jewish the land. Then from that time until the establishment of the State of Israel, the Jews in the Land of Israel, and obviously in exile, were not a sovereign people, but rather, a religious group ruled by other nations if we ignore the brief interlude of the Hasmonean period. Continue reading