Army Bases Connected To Cancer and Health Issues

Army Bases Connected To Cancer and Health Issues

CBS recently released an account about toxic chemical substances at Air Force bases and their connect to serious health conditions, like cancer tumors and delivery defects, but this really is by no means brand new information. In 2001, the Deseret Information raised the question that is same Do armed forces bases have links to cancer?

The correlation, at the very least, is astounding.

In 2001, communities near Hill Air Force Base in Utah revealed a risk that is high of mind cancer tumors, while Fallon Naval Air facility ended up being examined for severe youth leukemia incidents, and Kelly Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas, had been revealed to own contributed to water and polluting of the environment when groups of cancer tumors and leukemia popped up.

At that time, nevertheless, officials kept to a firm statement: Correlation will not equate causation.

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To put it differently, it absolutely was clear that army bases had been contaminating water, atmosphere, and environment. It had been clear that there have been higher-than-expected instances of severe disease. It had been not yet determined this one caused one other.

Air Force bases, in particular, reveal high cases of contamination for a couple reasons: jet fuel is incredibly toxic on it’s own, however it is additionally extremely flammable, needing toxic flame retardants. Continue reading