Digital Transformation in finance: the 7 best practices in the Finance sector pt.2

Digital Transformation in finance: the 7 best practices in the Finance sector pt.2

3. An omnichannel bank

Another fundamental most useful training is the entire process of electronic transformation in finance

In Italy, the true quantity of branches is decreasing. In 2017, the true amount of branch places in Italy dropped from about 29,000 to just over 27,000. an estimate that is further foresees that, by 2020, how many working branches could decrease even more to 24,000.

That is in keeping with the newest habits and requirements of clients, whom choose to perform banking operations through their devices and just go right to the branch only to request advice or even for other more activities that are complex.

Conventional financial institutions must keep this trend in your mind and try to build an individual experience around their clients by which all available touch points function consistently and they are incorporated seamlessly through the consumer journey.

The bank needs to become omnichannel in other words.

In this manner, you simply will not simply be in a position to combine real product sales networks with electronic stations, providing a built-in and powerful shopping experience, however you will additionally be in a position to have an additional device to create more lasting and ongoing relationships along with your clients.

An strategy that is effective be to provide clients the chance to begin a monetary transaction straight at home via computer and to conclude it at the branch, a strategic take into account keeping a presence within the real territory in which the bank functions. Continue reading