Pakistani women break dating taboos on Tinder

Pakistani women break dating taboos on Tinder

Casual dating for females is generally frowned upon in Pakistan’s male-dominated culture. Nonetheless, dating apps such as for example Tinder are challenging norms and enabling women to simply take more control of their sex.

Faiqa is just a 32-year-old business owner in Islamabad, and, like numerous young solitary ladies throughout the world, she uses dating apps in order to connect with males.

Although casual dating for women continues to be frowned upon in socially conservative and heavily patriarchal Pakistan, attitudes are quickly changing in the united kingdom’s towns.

Faiqa is utilising the dating application Tinder for 2 years, and she stated even though experience is “liberating,” many Pakistani guys are not familiar with the concept of ladies using control of their sex and dating everyday lives. Pakistani ladies are frequently anticipated to protect a family group’s “honor.”

“I’ve met some guys on Tinder whom describe by themselves as ‘open minded feminists,’ but still ask me: ‘Why is a great and educated woman as if you on an app that is dating'” Faiqa told DW. Continue reading