New product changes coming

Watch for these updates this fall

We’re excited to announce changes to three products: Sav-A-Kid® and Sav-A-Lam® milk replacers, and Ultra 24™ multi-species milk replacer. Watch for these product updates coming this fall.

Sav-A-Kid® and Sav-A-Lam® milk replacers

Now your kid and lamb customers can proactively manage health with reformulated Sav-A-Kid® and Sav-A-Lam® milk replacers. Both products, specially formulated for kids and lambs, support the digestive system and help build immunity.

“We’ve reformulated our kid and lamb milk replacers to make it easier to grow healthy kids and lambs,” says says Julian (Skip) Olson, DVM, technical services manager for Milk Products. “Both products provide consistent nutrition, whether you feed milk replacer as a supplement or to replace doe or ewe milk.”

The new formulas include:

  • Probiotics and yeast extract – promote a healthy digestive system by supporting a diverse population of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Vitamins and minerals – help meet kid and lamb growth requirements

For sheep raisers

Whether your customers raise sheep to show or breed, for meat or lifestyle, Sav-A-Lam® milk replacer is formulated for lamb performance. It’s high-energy, all-milk formula meets industry standards with 30 percent fat and 23 percent protein.

For goat raisers

Sav-A-Kid® milk replacer is formulated for kid growth. To better fit market needs, the reformulation includes reduced protein and increased fat levels for a reduction in lactose.

Packaging updates

Sav-A-Kid® and Sav-A-Lam® milk replacers have refreshed packaging for easier use. They now feature graphically enhanced feeding and mixing instructions to make it easier for kid and lamb owners to feed and make adjustments as they grow.

They are available in three sizes: 4- and 8-pound pouches, and a 25-pound bag. The 25-pound bag is now packaged in a poly bag for added durability.

Both Sav-A-Kid® and Sav-A-Lam® milk replacers should be fed from day two through weaning. For optimum results, milk replacer should be fed following colostrum replacer.

Ultra 24™ multi-species milk replacer

We’re excited to introduce new Ultra 24™ packaging. The same formula in the familiar red and black bag you recognize and trust remains.

New packaging updates include:

  • Updated animals and design consistent with other Sav-A-Caf®, Sav-A-Lam® and Sav-A-Kid® products
  • Added benefits animal raisers are looking for
  • Species photos animal raisers can relate to
  • Illustrated mixing directions
  • Easy-to-read feeding charts for nine species

Customer support

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