Milk Products’ heritage is one of quality and innovation dating back to 1911, when Carnation Company began manufacturing at our Chilton, Wisconsin location. For over a century, our company has been manufacturing dairy products for people and animals. The product offering has changed over time, but our commitment to excellence remains the same. In the early 1950’s, the Carnation Company began to manufacture milk replacement for calves in Kansas City, Missouri. Eventually production moved to Chilton, Wisconsin in 1978 when the plant was converted from Carnation Instant Milk production to animal feed manufacturing.


Magic Crystals® for Easy Mixing Technology

magic_crystals_logoMilk Products’ plant in Chilton, Wisconsin uses the Peebles System to make instantized milk replacer. It is the same technology that allowed the Carnation Company to revolutionize the human powdered milk industry in the 1950’s. Sav-A-Caf® Products were developed to help raisers address health challenges in calves. The first product marketed by the IntAgra company was a scours treatment product called Scours Control. Available originally in a small tub, the product was designed to treat the effects of scours. The products’ success led to the development of other familiar products like Electrolytes Plus™ and Scours Control 2. The line has expanded over the years to include milk replacers and supplements for a wide variety of young animals. Recognizing the need to offer supplements to complement the milk replacers already being produced in Chilton, Milk Products went in search of a brand of products to offer customers. Sav-A-Caf® Products was a growing, high quality product family and Milk Products completed the Sav-A-Caf® Products purchase in 1999. The brand continues to serve customers with a full line of milk replacers and supplements for a variety of livestock species.

Our Mission

We are a customer-driven company dedicated to providing superior young animal nutrition products and customized support for independent feed manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. We pride ourselves on the quality of products and relationships built over the years and work to develop products designed to help young animal raisers grow the very best animals, for food, fun or business. You can count on us to create value resulting in growth for your business and the animals we feed.

Our Quality Message

We care about animals as much as you. So, we’ve developed quality programs to manufacture products that mix easily each time you feed them. We have implemented a robust Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) style Quality Management System to ensure we make safe, quality milk replacer in every package, every day. Our Quality Management System (QMS) includes many practices taken from the food industry which provide an extra layer of assurance for your youngest animals. We go to great lengths because we know you want the very best for the animals in your care.