TheraCaf® PLUS Electrolyte Supplement

TheraCaf® PLUS Electrolyte Supplement
TheraCaf® PLUS Electrolyte Supplement
TheraCaf® PLUS Electrolyte Supplement
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TheraCaf® PLUS is an electrolyte with added functional proteins and yeast extract
formulated for use during times of stress, such as transportation, weather, and illness.
This supplement is intended for use in calves from two days of age until weaning.
  • Contains an ideal balance dextrose and glycine that provide readily available energy to calves in times of need.
  • Functional proteins and added yeast extracts support gut health.
  • Sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, sodium acetate and potassium citrate help to optimize blood pH (metabolic acidosis is associated with dehydration).
  • Good for your calves and good for you - with a low feeding rate, TheraCaf® PLUS is cost effective and convenient!

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein, min.20.00%
Glycine, min.4.00%
Salt, min4.00%
Salt, max.5.00%
Sodium, min.4.50%
Sodium, max. 5.50%
Potassium, min. 1.50%
Magnesium, min.0.04%



Not for human consumption. Wash hands after feeding/handling animals. Wash feed/water containers after use. 


Dextrose, Animal Plasma, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt, Glycine, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Citrate,Yeast Extract, Sodium Acetate, Silicon Dioxide, Monosodium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate, Canola Oil, Citric Acid (a preservative), Magnesium Sulfate, Ascorbic Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Saccharin Sodium, FD&C Yellow No. 6, Calcium Pantothenate.

Product Sizes 

4-oz. packet

25-lb. bag

Mix entire 4 oz packet (113 g) of TheraCaf® PLUS electrolyte supplement into 2 quarts (1892 ml) warm water (100-105ºF). Stir to dissolve. 

For newly-arrived calves, feed twice daily, for three consecutive days. For scouring calves, feed 1-3 times daily depending on scours severity and degree of dehydration. Continue feeding until resolution of symptoms. Continue to feed milk replacer or whole milk.


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